Thread the Needle Day - July 25
Thu, Jul 25, 2024

Thread the Needle Day

Thread the Needle Day is celebrated every year on July 25th. This original day can be celebrated in different ways, as the phrase ‘Thread the Needle’ is used in different ways in English. Accordingly, you can choose the option you prefer.

The History

How the expression ‘Thread the Needle’ appeared and why it became an idiom is not unknown. The phrase has been used for at least 70 years, and besides the traditional sewing meaning, it is often used during sports competitions. As for sewing, archaeologists and historians suggest needles were already used in the prehistoric period.

As a needle, people used sharp thorns, sharp stones, animal bones. Later, sewing needles were made of bronze or gold. In the 10th century, steel and steel needles appeared. In the 19th century, the shape of the needle changed to make it easier to thread.

Different meanings of the phrase ‘Thread the Needle’

  • Sewing – threading through the eye of a needle, the most common meaning.
  • In politics, this term refers to a difficult situation forcing a person to seek a compromise between two polar views.
  • In billiards – this is the situation when the ball passes through a narrow gap.
  • In sports, commentators say this when an athlete has to move the ball through a tight space.
  • Yoga pose – this is the pose with hand movements imitating the threading of a needle.

How to take part

How to celebrate Thread the Needle Day depends on which activity you prefer. You can use the thread for its intended purpose – sew clothes or do arts and crafts. There are a huge number of master classes on sewing toys, cosmetic bags, and backpacks on the Internet. You can sign up for a sewing course. Another way is physical activity: play football, golf or billiards with friends. Be sure to share this day on social media.

When is Thread the Needle Day celebrated in 20224

Thread the Needle Day is observed on July 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday July 25 2024
Friday July 25 2025
Saturday July 25 2026

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