Tater Tot Day - February 2
Fri, Feb 2, 2024

Tater Tot Day

Tater Tot Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to this wonderful dish. The sufficient amount of calories and the amazing taste of small potato patties cannot be ignored by food lovers! The holiday is celebrated on February 2.


It is believed that Tater Tot Day originates in 2009. Then one blogger writing his posts on the topic of cooking described Tater Tot on the social network Twitter. Since then, the popularity of this dish has grown significantly and now it is no longer possible, speaking of potatoes, not to mention these small tasty products.

Tater Tot is a dish of grated potatoes, which are combined in the form of small cutlets and deep fried. Often served with cheese and ketchup. It is an excellent side dish. The dish is especially popular in American cuisine.

Interesting facts

  • Potatoes have been used as a food product for several millennia. The indigenous tribes of the natives of South America were the first to use it. It came to Europe around the 16th century, when the explorer and geographer Cieza de Leon brought several tubers with him.
  • In fact, for food, we do not eat the fruits of the potato, but its tubers (in other words, it is an overgrown rhizome). The plant also has fruits – these are berries growing on a stem above the ground. They are green in color and look like small tomatoes. Despite the edibility of the tubers, the berries are very poisonous.
  • The potato was the first vegetable to be grown in space. This event happened in 1995 on the American shuttle Columbia.

How to celebrate

Make this dish yourself at Tater Tot Day (there are many different recipes on the Internet) or go to a cafe to enjoy the taste of these small potato products prepared by professional chefs.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users if they have tried Tater Tot or not. If so, what is their impression of this dish?

When is Tater Tot Day celebrated in 2024?

Tater Tot Day is observed on February 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday February 2 2024
Sunday February 2 2025
Monday February 2 2026
Tuesday February 2 2027