Take Your Cat to Work Day - June
Mon, Jun 17, 2024

Take Your Cat to Work Day

Shake up your working day on the Monday of the third full week in June, when National Take Your Cat to Work Day is celebrated. While cats might not be fond of unfamiliar environments, such an outing offers them a glimpse into the expansive world beyond their home.

The History

Similar holidays exist for toddlers and dogs. Cats deserve a wonderful holiday where they are the center of attention. This event attracts volunteers to shelters, encouraging them to devote time to pets yearning for contact. A cat stops worrying when surrounded by familiar smells.

Interesting Facts

35% of American families keep a cat as a pet.

  1. 90 million cats are registered as living with an owner in the country.
  2. Cats are curious. They like exploring a new environment.
  3. Cats like it in the office. They will appreciate the plants, bask in the light of a desk lamp, and help print documents on the computer by sitting on the keyboard, watching how the printer works.

Traveling places stress on a pet. You need to be careful and attentive, making sure your pet does not run away and get lost.

How to take part

When taking your cat, grab their basket and toys. Colleagues will bring their cats, and the animals will get acquainted and start playing. Give cats gifts like toys or treats. If you dream of becoming a cat owner, contact a shelter and choose one. This kind act is its own reward.

When is Take Your Cat to Work Day celebrated in 2024?

Take Your Cat to Work Day is observed on the Monday of the third full week in June.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 17 2024
Monday June 16 2025

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