Steve Irwin Day - November 15
Wed, Nov 15, 2023

Steve Irwin Day

Steve Irwin Day is celebrated in the USA on November 15th, and is dedicated to the beloved crocodile hunter! Steve Irwin, the iconic Australian naturalist, actor, and host made an incredible contribution to animal welfare, having founded Wildlife Warriors, a wildlife protection organization.


The holiday was declared in 2007 by the Australia Zoo, with the Irwin family playing an important role in the foundation. The date was chosen to honor the incredible personality of Steve Irwin. He grew up with animals like Mowgli or Tarzan, and at the age of 6 he was given a 12-foot python. By the age of 9, he had already begun to bravely handle his first toothy reptile.

Steve chose his wife based on similar interests, and their friends said the couple was perfectly balanced. They even spent their honeymoon in a crocodile trap, which was featured in an episode of Steve’s series.

Unfortunately, Steve had a tragic death in 2006. On September 4, he was on an expedition filming a documentary about the ocean when he was fatally wounded by a stingray. His funeral ceremony was watched by over 300 million people worldwide.

Interesting facts

Amazing stories about Steve Irwin:

  • He caught over 100 crocodiles while volunteering in Queensland in his youth.
  • Although he was brave enough to tackle ferocious beasts, Steve was afraid of parrots. He was actually attacked by one, almost losing his nose in the process.
  • He faced fear every day, but was more worried about his wedding ceremony – he was sweating profusely and was in an anxious state.

How to take part

To honor Steve Irwin, you can wear khaki, a color he loved. You can also watch films featuring him and invite friends and family to join. If you can, visit the zoo on Steve Irwin Day to take part in interesting events.

When is Steve Irwin Day celebrated in 2023?

Steve Irwin Day is observed on November 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 15 2023
Friday November 15 2024
Saturday November 15 2025
Sunday November 15 2026