Science Education Day - March 14
Thu, Mar 14, 2024

Science Education Day

Science Education Day is an annual American holiday celebrating education and the advancement of science in the country. It is celebrated on March 14. The purpose of the holiday is to encourage everyone’s contribution to the development of science and the advancement of education.


Science education combines several disciplines, including mathematics, science, and computer science. Steady development in this direction began with the creation of the Committee of Ten, which conducted the accreditation of science education in America.

People used to be interested in science. Interest increased greatly during the Industrial Revolution. During this period there was also the problem of a shortage of qualified personnel. New inventions appeared and production became more and more automated. Specialists capable of operating machines efficiently were needed. Manual labor was gradually replaced by machine labor.

The Committee of Ten held a Conference in 1892 that brought together the best teachers of educational institutions in Florida. A program of study was drawn up, the fulfillment of which would improve the level of scientific education and obtain at the end of their studies literate people, ready for any challenges in the modern world.

Interesting facts

  • Through the creation of curricula, everyone was given the opportunity to enter the world of science.
  • The Committee of Ten was established in 1892.
  • Today’s schools are separated by age and have different geographic locations. Each has its own list of disciplines and an elaborate curriculum.

How to celebrate

Start an in-depth study of a discipline at Science Education Day. Learn more about the creation of the educational system in the United States and the great figures of science born in your city/country.

Spread the word on social media. Find out from other users what subjects they liked best in educational institutions.

When is Science Education Day celebrated in 2024?

Science Education Day is observed on March 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday March 14 2024
Friday March 14 2025

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