Respect for the Aged Day - September
Mon, Sep 18, 2023

Respect for the Aged Day

Respect For The Aged Day is an annual Japanese holiday dedicated to the older generation. It is celebrated every third Monday in September; in 2022, it falls on September 19th. It allows you to express gratitude to the elderly, and spend time with your relatives.


The holiday originated in the Japanese town of Yachiecho (its modern name). In Hyogo Prefecture, September 15 has been declared Senior Citizens’ Day. A major role in the creation of this day was played by the mayor of the town – Masao Kadowaki. He argued that in the difficult post-war times; it is worth seeking advice from older people. These are wise people who will give useful advice.

There are several theories regarding the choice of this particular date. The most popular one says that on September 15, Prince Shotoku opened a nursing home.

Today, Respect For The Aged Day is very popular in Japan. However, the traditional date of the celebration had to be moved due to the introduction of a system for workers, dubbed “Happy Monday”. The Japanese, who spend a lot of time at work, were offered a work week with three days off. For this reason, Monday was made a public holiday.

Interesting facts

  • The older generation tolerates stress more easily. The accumulated life experience allows them to not lose their composure in difficult situations.
  • Japan is a country of centenarians. The number of people over 65 in Japan is almost 30% of the total population.

How to take part

Congratulate the older generation on this holiday. Pay more attention to grandparents. These are smart and wise people who can share great life experience. Take care of them and appreciate them!

Take part in social activities. Volunteer at a nursing home or do charity work. People in nursing homes are often deprived of the care and love, so give it to them.

When is Respect for the Aged Day celebrated in 2023?

Respect for the Aged Day is observed on the third Monday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 18 2023
Monday September 16 2024
Monday September 15 2025
Monday September 21 2026

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