Respect For Chickens Day - May 24
Sat, May 4, 2024

Respect For Chickens Day

Respect for Chickens Day is a worldwide holiday dedicated to chickens. Thanks to these birds we get healthy and very nutritious products: eggs and meat. In addition, the feathers can be used to make pillows. The holiday is designed to emphasize the importance of this poultry to mankind. It is celebrated every year on May 4.


The history of Respect for Chickens Day begins in 2005, when K. Davis created United Poultry Concerns. The activity focused not only on raising chickens, but also on other birds (turkeys, ducks). In addition, the holiday encourages people to treat poultry more humanely, because they die in large numbers every year to meet human needs, and supports the ideas of vegetarianism.

Wild chickens lived in Southeast Asia about 50 million years ago. It is believed that their domestication occurred much later, about 8,000 years ago. The chicken is considered the oldest domesticated bird. It was used for obtaining meat, which has high nutritional properties, and eggs. Considering that these birds lay several eggs each, the question of further breeding of this bird was quickly solved.

Interesting facts

  • Researchers claim that the ancestors of chickens were dinosaurs with plumage that could fly.
  • Chickens cannot fly because of their body structure. However, they can use their wings to fly up to about 15 cm. These birds are not bad at coming down from a roof, for example. However, it is much harder for them to get up there.
  • Chickens, in fact, are not as cute as they may seem. They can eat mice, small insects, and other living organisms. Also, if they are malnourished or have a wounded fellow, they are capable of cannibalism. They also eat their own eggs.

How to celebrate

Give up chicken dishes on this day or, conversely, enjoy this meat more if you don’t support vegetarian ideas at all. Learn more interesting facts about chickens.

Tell your social networks about the holiday. Ask users if they often eat chicken meat and eggs. If not, why not?

When is Respect For Chickens Day celebrated in 2024?

Respect For Chickens Day is observed on May 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday May 4 2024
Sunday May 4 2025