Math 2.0 Day - July 8
Mon, Jul 8, 2024

Math 2.0 Day

July 8 is Math 2.0 Day. Mathematics has been finding new applications over the past decades, combined with modern technologies, without which we can no longer imagine our daily lives. This holiday was created to celebrate the achievements reached through the successful combination of mathematical developments with technological progress.


Math 2.0 Day was introduced by the Math Interest Group in 2009. This group was created to popularize mathematics on the Internet, because this area of ​​​​science is of decisive importance in the development of various scientific fields, technologies, and education. The Math Interest Group also contributes to research and development in the field of mathematics education, which is necessary for the financial sector, engineering, and social and medical sciences.

At the same time, mathematics lead to a number of important discoveries. During the time of Pythagoras, who lived from 570 to 495 BC, mathematics contributed to the study of the planets. In the 17th century, Johannes Kepler, thanks to mathematical calculations, discovered planetary orbits and comets. Isaac Newton applied mathematics to prove the theory of gravitational attraction in the 1680s.

Interesting facts

  • 30 thousand years BC, ancient people used an analogue of mathematics, making marks on the bones of animals;
  • The first abacus invented in China in 1200 BC;
  • In 520, the Hindu mathematicians Varamihara and Aryabhata invented the number 0;
  • Robert Recorde introduced the use of the equal sign in 1557.

How to take part

In order to have a good time this holiday, you need to try to love mathematics. You need to learn more about the history of this science, and try solving interesting mathematical problems. Familiarize yourself with research related to the use of mathematics, most often related to software, building construction, and technology. Also, do not forget to share on social networks about the importance of mathematics.

When is Math 2.0 Day celebrated in 2024?

Math 2.0 Day is observed on July 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday July 8 2024
Tuesday July 8 2025
Wednesday July 8 2026

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