Remembrance Day - Australia
Sat, Nov 11, 2023

Remembrance Day (Australia)

Remembrance Day Australia is celebrated on November 11, but is still not a public holiday. Today, Australians remember the soldiers who died in various wars, starting with the First World War. This solemn and poignant holiday is held in honor of those who gave their lives and health to protect the nation.


The first name of the date was Armistice Day. After World War II, the name was changed to Remembrance Day Australia and it was adopted by the Australian and British governments. It was first celebrated in 1931.

On the day Australians commemorate their heroes, recalling the Battle of Villers-Bretonnet, which took place in northern France. The Germans had invaded the area and the Australians successfully fought to reclaim the land. This battle was especially bloody and resulted in many casualties on both sides.

Interesting facts

  • Rosemary has special significance to Australians on Remembrance Day, as its branches symbolize mourning for the Anzac troops who died on the Gallipoli peninsula, where the plant grows.
  • Flags are hoisted first and lowered last and are never elevated at night.
  • During the 20th century, Australia was involved in many Asian conflicts, including the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

How to take part

On Remembrance Day Australians remember their heroes with both sadness and warmth, sharing stories of their bravery with the younger generations. There is an overall atmosphere of patriotism and people are reminded of the horrors of war, with the hope that it does not enter their homes again.

When is Remembrance Day (Australia) celebrated in 2023?

Remembrance in Australia is observed on November 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday November 11 2023
Monday November 11 2024
Tuesday November 11 2025
Wednesday November 11 2026

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