Purim - march
Sat, Mar 23, 2024


Purim Day is a Jewish annual holiday commemorating the rescue of the Jewish people from extermination. It is celebrated on the 14th day of Adar (special Jewish calendar). The date changes every year. The holiday is celebrated at the setting of one day and the beginning of a new day.


According to historical accounts, the celebration of Purim Day begins in the 400s B.C. An important written source for the entire Jewish people, the Megillat Esther, describes the full origin of the feast.

The history of the holiday corresponds to an ancient legend. King Akhashverosh, ruler of the Persian Empire, took as his wife a beautiful girl, Esther, who hid the fact that she was Jewish. The vizier Haman, who was the king’s chief assistant and associate, learned that the queen had a mentor, the Jew Mordechai. He was a wise man who once even saved the life of Ahashverosh. However, Haman did not like the old man’s unwillingness to bow down to him and suggested that the king exterminate all the Jews. A decree to this effect was signed (the tsar did not know that his wife was Jewish).

The queen learned of the impending massacre and, together with her counselor, called all the Jews together, and they prayed and fasted for three days. By a fluke, the king learned of the vizier’s scheming and ordered him hanged on the gallows he was preparing to execute Mordechai. The king later signed a corresponding decree, according to which the Jews received their rights and freedoms and could defend themselves in case of attack by ill-wishers.

Interesting facts

  • A leap year in the Jewish calendar adds a new month, Adar Sheni. Therefore, every four years Purim Day is celebrated in this month.
  • The holiday is celebrated not only in Israel itself, but also in all countries where Jewish communities live.
  • Purim also marks the end of Lent, so on this day you can have fun and delicious food, calling for the festive tables of all family and friends.

How to celebrate

Find more information online about how Jewish Purim celebrations take place. If you yourself are Jewish, prepare a festive table, sing folk songs, and invite everyone you know. Don’t forget to pay enough attention to the preparation of traditional Jewish dishes, such as dumpling soup, for example.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they have participated in Purim Day.

When is Purim Celebrated in 2024?

Purim is dedicated to celebrating success.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday march 23 2024
Thursday march 14 2025

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