Paczki Day - Poland
Thu, Feb 8, 2024

Paczki Day

Paczki Day is a holiday loved by many sweet tooth in many countries around the world. In most cases, it is noted in late February or mid-March. For the holiday, they chose the so-called “fat Tuesday” – a Tuesday in Shrovetide week, when people are preparing for Great Lent. In front of him, they try to enjoy sweets, sweet pastries, marshmallows. In European countries, pancakes, donuts or Paczki are traditionally baked and eaten.


The holiday has a long history. When Christians prepared for Lent, they traditionally set aside one week before Lent for entertainment and entertainment. On these days, it was already forbidden to eat meat, but it was allowed to eat milk, cheese, any dairy products. In most countries, this week is called “Butter” or “Cheese” Week. At this time, people went to visit each other and baked pancakes, pies, donuts. Paczki is a type of doughnut with a sweet filling. This dish appeared in Poland and then spread throughout the world.

Interesting facts

Many interesting facts are known about this day, for example:

  • In America, competitions for eating donuts for speed are very popular;
  • Many countries have doughnut throwing competitions;
  • Donuts are a fairly high-calorie delicacy, because they are fried in a large amount of oil.

Paczki donuts are available with a wide variety of fillings, but most often in stores you can find donuts with fruit jam or boiled condensed milk. On top they are decorated with chocolate or sugar glaze.

How to celebrate

It is best to celebrate this day with a tea party with donuts, but it is not recommended to use more than three to four pieces at a time, because this delicacy is quite difficult to digest. It is not recommended to arrange doughnut eating contests, because after such events people often feel bad.

It’s a great idea to make donuts yourself. To do this, you will need a deep frying pan or deep fryer, in which you can melt the oil for roasting. Before you lower the doughnuts there, the oil must be brought to a boil.

When is Paczki Day celebrated in 2024?

Paczki Day is observed on the Thursday in the week before to Ash Wednesday each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday February 8 2024
Thursday February 27 2025
Thursday February 12 2026