Origami Day - November 11
Fri, Nov 11, 2022

Origami Day

Origami Day is celebrated around the world on November 11th! A holiday for those who are fond of origami. Art is available to anyone who has a piece of paper at their disposal. Join us for fun activities for all ages!


Origami (the first name for orikat) originated as early as 105 BC. e. in Japan! It is hard to imagine that a hobby that many people love has survived to this day. In the 19th century, even before the industrial revolution in the country, only the elites had access to paper, but now its presence has become commonplace. Previously, rich people wrote letters to each other, put intricate figures into them.

In the US, origami was popularized by Lillian Oppenheimer. The woman organized circles not only in America, but also in the UK. Here people learned new things, shared their skills, and simply found new acquaintances of interest. Today, there is an institution in the United States that opens its doors to lovers of paper art.

Often the figurines symbolize the fight against cancer, they act as a beacon of hope for recovery. The tradition appeared thanks to a girl from Hiroshima. During World War II, an atomic bomb was dropped here, and the girl fell ill with leukemia 10 years after the incident. She read that if she made 1000 paper cranes, she would get well. Unfortunately, she managed to create 644 figurines before she died.

Interesting facts

It is curious that:

  • paper first appeared in China, the monks spread it throughout Japan;
  • The first book edition about origami is dated in 1797. It told about the ways of working with paper, the traditions of the country;
  • The paper crane is a universally accepted symbol of the world. The most massive crane weighed 794 kg! The height was almost 7 meters, so it had to be presented to the audience at the stadium.

How to celebrate

Grab a piece of paper and get creative! If you have never done origami, check out the various techniques – it’s interesting! Teach others the skill so that the hobby becomes more popular and embraces more people’s hearts. Subscribe to the channels of origami specialists and get new information daily!

When is Origami Day celebrated in 2022?

Origami Day is observed on November 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 11 2022
Saturday November 11 2023
Monday November 11 2024
Tuesday November 11 2025
Wednesday November 11 2026