Open That Bottle Night - February
Sat, Feb 24, 2024

Open That Bottle Night

Open That Bottle Night is a celebration of the warm conversations, magical atmosphere and coziness that can be had over a bottle of wine. There is a huge variety in this category of alcohol: white, rosé, red, different levels of sugar content and a huge number of grape varieties that determine the taste and aromatic qualities of wine. Pick your own option! The holiday is celebrated annually, on the last Saturday in February.


Treat yourself to the exquisite taste of a good wine on a February night. What could be better! Apparently, the same thoughts visited the WSJ columnists. In 2000, D.D. Gaither and D. Brecher took the initiative to approve Open That Bottle Night. The goal is quite simple – to have a couple of glasses of wine with a loved one and spend the night having heart-to-heart conversations.

The holiday not only allows you to spend time with your nearest and dearest, but also to learn how to understand the world of wine. It is not only the variety of the product, but also hundreds and thousands of stories of the creation of different copies of this alcohol, which is very exciting!

Interesting facts

  • Each wine has its own gastronomic pattern of combinations, which should be taken into account when consuming with different dishes. For example, red wine is an excellent match for meat and hearty dishes, white wine is an excellent complement to fish, and pink wine will reveal the taste of light snacks, desserts and cheeses.
  • The expression “wine bouquet” is used to describe the aromatic properties of an aged wine. For younger samples of the drink, just “flavor” is used.
  • The oldest bottle of wine can be seen in the Palatinate Museum. It was found near the town of Speyer. Researchers have concluded that it was released around 325 AD.

How to celebrate

Invite a friend, girlfriend or family member to try out a new bottle of wine. Refuse to buy young and popular wines. Give preference to a vintage piece that has been waiting a long time. Trust me, Open That Bottle Night is a great way to take advantage of it. On this holiday you can learn the technology of wine making, the peculiarities of the beverage and more.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users which wine they remember the most.

When is Open That Bottle Night celebrated in 2024?

Open That Bottle Night is observed on the last Saturday in February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday February 24 2024
Saturday February 22 2025
Saturday February 28 2026
Saturday February 27 2027

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