Nobel Prize Day - December 10
Sat, Dec 10, 2022

Nobel Prize Day

Nobel Prize Day is celebrated on December 10 around the world. On this holiday, people honor a famous chemist, engineer, inventor and entrepreneur who has achieved unprecedented success. Everyone knows his name – this is Alfred Bernhard Nobel.


Let’s be honest: there are very few scientists who gave the world a huge legacy after themselves. Nobel was one of those people. He was born into a famous Swedish family that gained recognition in the 19th century. Alfred was inquisitive and intelligent, he got along excellently with various sciences. In 1862, he began working with nitroglycerin – activities brought him the basis for working on explosives, as a result, dynamite, smokeless powder, was discovered.

Nobel and his brothers founded the largest oil company. In 1868 Alfred received his first scientific award, which he was immensely proud of. Did he know then that talented scientists would be awarded in his name? At the end of his life, Nobel had 350 patents. Inventions were successfully used by various enterprises – this simplified production and opened up new opportunities.

The first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901. Many years have passed, but the tradition is unchanged – on December 10, the most outstanding inventors are awarded in Stockholm. Absolutely every scientist wants to get it, because the award reflects the highest degree of merit.

Interesting facts

It’s amazing that:

  • Nobel had no heirs, but in the presence of witnesses he wrote a unique will. It said that all profits should be sent to a special fund, the money from which would be paid to distinguished scientists;
  • the fund is constantly growing, just like the awards;
  • Alfred’s father was also considered a genius, but he did not even have an education.

How to celebrate

Look at the Nobel Prizes in different years. Study the stories of the laureates, learn about their merits. For self-development, learn about the rules for presenting the award. Read the full biography of the great scientist!

When is Nobel Prize Day celebrated in 2022?

Nobel Prize Day is observed on December 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday December 10 2022
Sunday December 10 2023
Tuesday December 10 2024
Wednesday December 10 2025
Thursday December 10 2026

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