Nobel Prize Day - December 10
Sun, Dec 10, 2023

Nobel Prize Day

Nobel Prize Day is celebrated around the world on December 10th. This day is dedicated to honouring the achievements of Swedish chemist, engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur Alfred Bernhard Nobel.


Alfred Nobel was born into a famous Swedish family in the 19th century, and from a young age he displayed inquisitive and intelligent traits. In 1862, he began to work with nitroglycerin, which ultimately led to the discovery of dynamite and smokeless powder. Nobel and his brothers also founded one of the largest oil companies in the world. In 1868, he was awarded his first scientific award, an honour of which he was immensely proud.

The first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901, and the tradition has remained unchanged ever since. On December 10th, the most outstanding inventors are presented with the award in Stockholm.

Interesting facts

  • Nobel left behind no heirs, but in the presence of witnesses he wrote a will that all of his profits should be sent to a special fund that would be used to award distinguished scientists.
  • This fund continues to grow and expand, as do the awards.
  • Alfred’s father was also considered a genius, even though he had no formal education.

How to take part

If you’re interested in taking part in Nobel Prize Day, learn more about the Nobel Prizes from different years, the stories of the laureates, and the rules for presenting the award. Read the full biography of Alfred Nobel to learn more about this great scientist.

When is Nobel Prize Day celebrated in 2023?

Nobel Prize Day is observed on December 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday December 10 2023
Tuesday December 10 2024
Wednesday December 10 2025
Thursday December 10 2026