Newspaper Columnists Day - April 18
Thu, Apr 18, 2024

Newspaper Columnists Day

Newspaper Columnists Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to newspaper columnists. It is a creative and challenging profession that requires a number of skills. You cannot just become a columnist! You have to know your language very well, be a master of text and be an author at heart. The holiday is celebrated on April 18.


The history of Newspaper Columnists Day is silent as to the year when it began. The holiday was established in honor of columnist Ernie Pyle, who died in WWII in 1945. He worked for the public good, bringing people information from the fronts. His articles were often dedicated to the heroic deeds of ordinary American soldiers.

Before the war, Ernie was a Scripps Howard reporter, traveling extensively and interacting with ordinary people about whom he then reported in his writings. This approach brought him a fair amount of popularity. When the U.S. joined the war effort, he was in the hottest spots. War correspondent Ernie Pyle died at the Battle of Okinawa in Japan.

This day calls not only to honor the memory of fallen journalists, but also to remind people how dangerous and responsible this job is. It is necessary to be not only a talented author, but also the right person, an educated personality to objectively perceive new information and pass it on to people.

Interesting facts

  • Alexander the Great was the progenitor of military journalism. He took trained men with him on his campaigns, who then described the events, preserving them in history and praising the commander.
  • The first printing press was invented by J. Gutenberg invented it in 1455.

How to celebrate

Congratulate family and friends if they work in journalism. Read your favorite newspapers and magazines on this day. Listen to interviews with people of interest to you.

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Ask other users how they feel about journalists? Would they like to work in this field themselves?

When Newspaper Columnists Day celebrated in 2024?

Newspaper Columnists Day is observed on April 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday April 18 2024
Friday April 18 2025

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