Never Bean Better Day - August 22
Mon, Aug 22, 2022

Never Bean Better Day

Never Bean Better Day is an unusual holiday dedicated to therapy animals. Pet therapy is a method of treating people with the participation of various animals. Scientists have noticed that communication with animals – dogs, cats, horses, dolphins – improves the condition of patients with many diseases.


Why is Never Bean Better Day celebrated on August 22nd? It’s the birthday of the famous therapy dog ​​named Bean. He was born in 2009 in Morgantown, Pennsylvania to breeders James and Michelle Draeger. The breed of the dog is the Golden Retriever, his full pedigree name is Neversink’s Never Bean Better.

In 2011, two-year-old Bean was officially registered as a therapy dog. He works in hospitals, rehab centers, long-term care facilities, and schools throughout the United States. Bean has an expressive “speech” and soon becomes a star: she participates in various shows and fundraising for charity. He was even quoted in The Wall Street Journal! In 2017, the National Days calendar recorder announces Never Bean Better Day – August 22.

Interesting facts

Curious information about pet therapy:

  1. The first treatment with dogs was used in the British clinic for the mentally ill The Retreat, founded in 1796.
  2. Therapy involving dogs is called canistherapy, from the Latin word canis, meaning “dog.”
  3. The first known therapy dog ​​was the Yorkshire Smoky, who served in the US Air Force during World War II. He had military decorations and the rank of corporal, and also worked in hospitals for 12 years.
  4. The term “pet therapy” was introduced in 1969 by US child psychiatrist Boris Levinson, who noted that young patients were positively influenced by communication with his dog, who was in the waiting room.

How to celebrate

Buy small gifts for your pets on Never Bean Better Day – yourself, your family and friends (goodies and toys will do). After all, pet therapy is divided into directed (prescribed by doctors and under their control) and non-directed (carried out by our pets). Our dogs, cats, birds and other pets are also therapists!

When is Never Bean Better Day celebrated in 2022?

Never Bean Better Day is observed on August 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 22 2022
Tuesday August 22 2023
Thursday August 22 2024
Friday August 22 2025
Saturday August 22 2026

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