National Winter Skin Relief Day - January 8
Mon, Jan 8, 2024

National Winter Skin Relief Day

National Winter Skin Relief Day is an important holiday dedicated to the skin. We often forget about it, but help is simply needed. This is especially true during the winter months of the year. Otherwise, it turns red, cracks and dries. Sometimes it brings a lot of pain!


National Day founded by Valeant Consumer Healthcar – they created the date to educate people about the importance of skin care. The face, hands and other parts of the body become very vulnerable – this is facilitated by cold, lack of vitamins, and other factors. Sebum, which is perfectly produced in summer, is not secreted so effectively in winter.

The company has published care rules that should not be ignored. They talk about high-quality moisturizers, which include mineral oils, hyaluronic acid, petroleum jelly. This must be taken into account when choosing. If you notice irritation, dryness, grayness of the skin – these are the bells to act!

Interesting facts

Important rules for winter care:

  • drinking enough clean water. This is the easiest way to improve the condition of the skin from the inside;
  • balanced diet. Food rich in useful elements makes the skin beautiful and radiant;
  • refusal of aggressive scrubs in bad weather;
  • the use of mild cleansers and fatty creams;
  • airing the room or using a humidifier;
  • taking vitamins (It is worth consulting with a doctor and choosing a complex individually).

How to celebrate

Join National Winter Skin Relief Day and tell others about it! Give your loved ones effective ointments and get them for yourself. Be sure to read the ingredients before buying! Follow the tips and your skin will thank you.

When is National Winter Skin Relief Day celebrated in 2024?

National Winter Skin Relief Day is observed on January 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 8 2024
Wednesday January 8 2025
Thursday January 8 2026
Friday January 8 2027

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