National Wine Day - May 25
Thu, May 25, 2023

National Wine Day

National Wine Day is celebrated on 25 May – so uncork that vintage bottle you have been keeping for a special occasion. In honor of the momentous event, arrange a party, invite close friends, and savor the delicious taste of a rare rosé (or white or red) wine.

The History

People have appreciated the taste, the light, intoxicating aroma, and beneficial properties of wine since ancient times. Egyptians made wine from green, white, blue grapes, in addition to traditional varieties. Sugar and fruit were added. The drink influenced the economies of countries, trade relations and foreign relations between states. Wine is mentioned in biblical texts, and winemaking was considered a prestigious occupation, as only developed industries had the resources to make decent wines. The first wine was produced in the United States in Northern California, from vineyards planted by Spanish settlers in 1812. This holiday appeared in 2009, uniting wine lovers on all continents.

Interesting Facts

Wineries operate in every state, and California remains the leader in a number of production locations.

  1. Many wineries are privately owned.
  2. Occasionally, wineries offer tours of their facilities and a wine tasting. Guests are given the opportunity to taste and evaluate different varieties of wine.
  3. Sangria is popular in summer when you want to have a refreshing drink with pleasant fruity notes. It is a party drink. Americans love light wine with fruit additives.

Be generous on this holiday, buy someone a bottle of excellent, expensive wine. Your exquisite taste will be remembered!

When is National Wine Day celebrated in 2023?

National Wine Day is observed on May 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday May 25 2023
Saturday May 25 2024
Sunday May 25 2025

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