National Ukulele Day - February 2
Fri, Feb 2, 2024

National Ukulele Day

National Ukulele Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to the ukulele. In another way, this small instrument is called the ukulele, which indicates the place of its origin. The ukulele instrument gives a gentle sound that fascinates from the first seconds. The holiday is celebrated on February 2.


The ukulele is one of the traditional Hawaiian instruments. It is a small 4-string guitar. It is believed that it was brought to Hawaii by Portuguese navigators in the second half of the 19th century. Due to its small size and sophisticated sound, it has received the local name “Jumping Flea”. This instrument was most often used as an auxiliary in the performance of Hawaiian compositions.

Popularization of the ukulele began in 1915, when this instrument was presented at the Panama-Pacific Exhibition. The further spread of the small ukulele to all countries was unstoppable. It is authentically known that the youth volunteer organization YMCA supplied the instrument to the soldiers of the First World War in order to brighten up their loneliness a little and cheer them up.

Interesting facts

  • The ukulele is an important instrument for creating the musical compositions that accompany the Hawaiian hula dance.
  • Rock star Eddie Veder has written and released several tracks on the compilation exclusively written on the ukulele.
  • Vintage ukulele strings are made from sheep intestines. Nylon is used for modern devices.

How to celebrate

Listen to National Ukulele Day songs created with this tool. You can visit Hawaii to enjoy traditional ukulele sound from local players. Celebrating National Ukulele Day is a great way to expand your skills and learn how to play a new instrument.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users how they felt when they listened to ukulele songs for the first time.

When is National Ukulele Day celebrated in 2024?

National Ukulele Day is observed on February 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday February 2 2024
Sunday February 2 2025
Monday February 2 2026
Tuesday February 2 2027

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