National Third Shift Workers Day - May
Wed, May 8, 2024

National Third Shift Workers Day

While the world is immersed in sweet sleep on dark nights, these people continue to work. We congratulate these dark knights on May 8, when National Third-Shift-Workers Day is celebrated. They protect society from emergencies; help to avoid causes can hinder the essential areas.

The The History

Shift work became common when the Industrial Revolution began in Europe. With industrial development, more labor was required, and there was a need to produce uninterrupted, even at night. Poor people trained to work in factories agreed to work at night, not asking for huge salaries to compensate for the difficult conditions, which was a bargain for the owners. By the 2000s, the third shift appeared in the schedule of office employees due to globalization. The holiday appeared at the beginning of the new millennium, and its founder was Jeff Corbett.

Interesting Facts

The third shift is paid at a higher rate than the day shift. Employers add some percentage of the salary or pay double.

  1. Those who love and are used to staying awake at night cope with this work most successfully. Their activity is reduced during the day and increases in the evening. They fulfill tasks, cope with responsibilities better, focus, and concentrate more effectively.
  2. Third shift workers sleep in the morning/afternoon. If your loved one is resting in bed until noon, do not judge, but be patient. They worked hard during night and will be right back by evening.
  3. The night shift requires taking special care of one’s health. Take breaks, walk, spend time in the fresh air and natural light, and consume vitamins.

Here are our sincere congratulations to the third shift workers: they experience strong emotional stress, face physical illnesses and the unpleasant consequences of their unusual schedule. Tell your friends; send congratulations to those who need support.

When is National Third Shift Workers Day celebrated in 2024?

National Third Shift Workers Day is observed on the second Wednesday of May each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday May 8 2024
Wednesday May 14 2025