National Tell a Lie Day - April 4
Thu, Apr 4, 2024

National Tell a Lie Day

If on April 4, National Tell a Lie Day, you tell a lie, it is welcomed! Everyone tries the role of liar and gets an additional opportunity for fun. A good poker bluff is equated with high-level skill. Deliberate deception is acceptable in everyday life. To remain a polite, tactful person, it is sometimes necessary to conceal the truth. The Holiday is the chance to lie and not feel remorse. A psychotherapy session, effective & free!

The History

“Everyone lies,” says Dr. Gregory House in the famous TV series. The human need to use imagination and tell fictional stories gave the world artistic fiction. Deceivers became heroes of the mythology, brought trouble, created machinations. In 1881, Italian children’s writer Carlo Collodi published his fairy tale. This main character became a symbol: when the boy lied, his nose grew longer. Gradually, the archetype transformed: a vengeful, cruel villain from the comic book universe took the place of the harmless bully. The Joker is the liar’s infernal incarnation, deftly manipulating others.

Interesting facts

The probability that a person will lie increases if he expresses his opinion in writing.

  1. The hyena is the animal symbol of the liar, with its terrible laughter, deceit that spreads discord, evil, and grief.
  2. The most trusted people in society are those with a well-groomed beard.
  3. Lying causes physical illnesses, liars get sick more often and age faster.

The month when the percentage of lies increases is January: we make promises that are never to be kept.

When is National Tell a Lie Day celebrated in 2024?

National Tell a Lie Day is observed on April 4 each year.


Thursday April 4 2024
Friday April 4 2025
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