National Telephone Day - April 25
Thu, Apr 25, 2024

National Telephone Day

In an age of advanced modern technologies, electronic products based on Apple and Android combine a lot (phone, camera, notebook, computer), but on National Telephone Day we remember a stationary device used for communication. Past will return on April 25.

The History

The telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Bell. He had competitors, but he was the first to apply for a patent, and it was approved. A year later, the first devices appeared in private homes, with a single telephone line connecting two cities. Soon, the technical novelty became accessible to ordinary citizens and commonplace. Only the older generation can remember what the device looked like with its handset and a disk with numbers had to be rotated to dial a number.

How to take part

The smartphone’s advent sent telephones to museum shelves. They became rarities.

  1. On this holiday, surprise your friends: call them on an old telephone!
  2. Talk to your parents or grandparents, and ask them what phones they used. It will be entertaining and informative.
  3. Upgrade your smartphone, get a new model.

Mobile phones are obviously perfect, allowing their owner to stay in touch, get help in any situation, search for objects on maps, and get information. Landline phones did not have such powerful technical potential. Thank progress for a comfortable, modern life!

When National Telephone Day celebrated in 2024?

National Telephone Day is observed on April 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday April 25 2024
Friday April 25 2025