National Tea Day - April 21
Fri, Apr 21, 2023

National Tea Day

Drinking tea after lunch is a popular old tradition of prim, prudish Englishmen, and the center of the festive event called National Tea Day. The custom spread to many countries. People like drinking tea: the rich taste invigorates and soothes, and stabilizes mood.

The History

The holiday is celebrated on April 21. Do you know whose birthday it is? The Queen of Great Britain! Date was not chosen by chance, but intentionally. Tea first appeared in China, then became popular in England. In the XVII century, a new queen of foreign origin married the British monarch and brought boxes filled with tea leaves. She drank it constantly. High-ranking persons noticed, then copied her. The foreigner’s habit became the basis for a centuries-old English custom.

Fun Facts

Various types of black and green tea are grown in regions of China and Japan.

  1. Hot spices are added to tea in Asian countries.
  2. British prefer drinking tea with milk, in a repetition of an aristocratic rite. Tea was poured into porcelain cups for nobility and royal family members. They cracked from the high temperature, as the drink was hot. The addition of milk allowed the liquid to cool down. Cups stayed intact.
  3. Special festivals are held where growers demonstrate new teas varieties; it is an opportunity to try unusual flavors created from natural ingredients.

Family drinks tea in the evenings, discussing the day. Tea is served at tables for holding important negotiations. Romance begins with an invitation to drink a cup of tea. Tea is the first drink a person gets after waking up (if coffee does not win). It is time to make the drink, enjoy!

When National Tea Day celebrated in 2023?

National Tea Day is observed on April 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday April 21 2023
Sunday April 21 2024
Monday April 21 2025