National Tackle Kids Cancer Day - September 15
Fri, Sep 15, 2023

National Tackle Kids Cancer Day

National Tackle Kids’ Cancer Day is meant to increase people’s awareness of childhood cancer. It is celebrated on September 15th.


Childhood cancer diagnoses are on the rise every year, but government funding is only 4% of the total budget. To solve this problem, the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation has created its own project aimed at helping sick children. 10 billion dollars were collected.

Every year, there are new volunteers who are ready to support children with oncology. The complexity of treatment lies in the fact that after curing the disease itself, children need to undergo a long rehabilitation so they can adapt in society. For this, a separate Cure and Beyond program has been created, aimed at supporting children after recovery.

According to statistical studies, more than 15 thousand cases of oncology in children are detected annually in the United States. Alas, the measures taken by the state do not correspond to the scale of the problem. For this reason, the creation and support of such projects is the only sure way to help sick children.

The created support program for children with oncology is actively developing today. In 2017, the National TKC Day was officially established, with the purpose of informing people about the existing problem and attracting new volunteers.

Interesting facts

  • The most common childhood cancer is leukemia.
  • Most often, the cause of oncology in a child is genetic disorders.
  • In countries with developed medicine, according to statistics, more than 70% of children are cured. In less developed countries, the figure is 30-40%.

How to take part

Provide financial assistance to the project, or organize some events for sick children. Any support is important!

Create a social media post to get more people involved with the issue by using the hashtag #TeamTKC. Learn more about the topic of pediatric oncology and effective therapy.

When is National Tackle Kids Cancer Day celebrated in 2023?

National Tackle Kids Cancer Day is observed on September 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 15 2023
Sunday September 15 2024
Monday September 15 2025
Tuesday September 15 2026

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