National Spaghetti Day - January 4
Thu, Jan 4, 2024

National Spaghetti Day

National Spaghetti Day is the perfect date to wake up your inner chef and head into the kitchen! It is easy to prepare the perfect dish and surprise your loved ones, even if you are not too versed in the field. Celebrate and create with us!


Many researchers believe that spaghetti originated in the town of Genoa, located in northern Italy. It turns out that an interesting act was found in the local archive, which spoke about a certain culinary product called “pasta”. The document dates from 1279. Today, this place houses the Spaghetti Museum. The modern name was first used in 1849 by the English poet, writer and cook Eliza Acton. Of course, there was no talk about National Day then, but people enjoyed the dish even without a holiday.

Initially, spaghetti differed in its length, and only after a while they became a little shorter. Now they are about 12 inches long. In Italy, they are made from durum wheat semolina, often served with tomato sauce, vegetables, meat, and cheese. A favorite type of pasta is carbonara. What’s your favorite recipe?

Interesting facts

Did you know:

  • tomatoes were not added to pasta until the 19th century, but over time became an ideal complementary ingredient;
  • there is a type called “spaghettoni” – they differ from the original in a thicker shape;
  • Al dente is a way of cooking pasta (or rice) so that the product remains slightly firm. It is considered ideal and is often used in Michelin-starred restaurants.

How to celebrate

Learn more about the dish at National Spaghetti Day! Organize a party with several spaghetti options – choose recipes and cook. Ask your family for help if things don’t work out. Have fun and mentally thank everyone involved for the appearance of a unique and practical product!

When is National Spaghetti Day celebrated in 2024?

National Spaghetti Day is observed on January 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday January 4 2024
Saturday January 4 2025
Sunday January 4 2026
Monday January 4 2027

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