National Soft Ice Cream Day - August 19
Mon, Aug 19, 2024

National Soft Ice Cream Day

Who among us does not love ice cream? On National Ice Cream Day, you can enjoy it without a twinge of guilt. The holiday is specially celebrated in the summer, because it is in the heat that you want something refreshing!

The History

Historians claim ice cream originated as early as 200 BC. It is, of course, impossible to verify this. In the foreseeable past, this soft treat appeared in America in 1740, and its first advertisement in 1777. During this period, it was considered an exotic dish that was only available to the rich.

The year 1800 came, and the popularity of the dessert gained momentum – production increased, and the industry flourished.

There are many speculations about the origin of this dessert, and here’s something interesting: Margaret Hilda Thatcher, a former British Prime Minister, worked in manufacturing and helped create soft serve recipes.

Interesting facts

  • During World War II, ice cream was supplied to the troops to boost their morale;
  • The first president of the United States, George Washington, spent over $200 on this dessert over the summer;
  • Soft ice cream is much more difficult to produce than hard ice cream.

How to take part

Visit your favorite cafe and order this summer dish! Sometimes the owners of establishments make good discounts on this day.

If you have children, visit amusement parks with them and be sure to go to an ice cream shop.

Perhaps you can make it yourself? Buy the necessary ingredients and experiment!

When is National Soft Ice Cream Day celebrated in 2024?

National Soft Ice Cream Day is observed on August 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 19 2024
Tuesday August 19 2025
Wednesday August 19 2026