National Skip School Day - December 2
Sat, Dec 2, 2023

National Skip School Day

National Skip School Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on December 2 in the USA. It is a favorite holiday for schoolchildren, although it is not officially recognized by teachers and directors.


The origin of National Skip School Day is uncertain, but it is believed to have originated on the short video creation and viewing service, TikTok. In 2019, someone posted a video calling for skipping school on December 2, which was then picked up by other users and spread virally.

Despite the enthusiasm of high school students, the day does not have any official recognition. Teachers and directors admit that they do not object to the holiday and that schoolchildren are usually warned in advance about their absences.

Fun facts

  • During the National Skip School Day frenzy, one person started a petition to support the students, although only 300 signatures were collected.
  • In some states, the holiday is encouraged – teachers are asked not to plan lessons with exams and test papers.
  • In Poland, high school students celebrate a similar date on the day of astronomical spring.
  • Many children come to school, but try to roam the corridors longer and not go into the classroom.

How to take part

If you want to take part in National Skip School Day, you should not go to class and make sure someone is aware of your absence. Spend your day doing something you enjoy and use the day to relax and recharge for the upcoming school week.

When is National Skip School Day celebrated in 2023?

National Skip School Day is observed on December 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday December 2 2023
Monday December 2 2024
Tuesday December 2 2025
Wednesday December 2 2026