National Skip School Day - December 2
Fri, Dec 2, 2022

National Skip School Day

National Skip School Day takes place on December 2 in the USA. This is a favorite holiday for schoolchildren! True, he did not receive official status, because teachers do not approve of him too much. However, they know about it, remember it and use it with pleasure!


Who founded the National Day is not known for certain. There is a version that its origins occurred on the Internet. On the service for viewing and creating short videos, TikTok, someone posted a video calling for skipping school on December 2, 2019. The idea was picked up by other users and added their materials. The idea went viral!

Despite the general joy of high school students, the day did not resonate with teachers and directors. The teaching staff admits: the holiday does not interfere, because few people decide to skip classes without asking – schoolchildren warn in advance about their absence, without naming the exact reason for the absence. You can get used to this, and strengthening the date at the official level is not beneficial to anyone.

Fun facts

Did you know that:

  • During the National Skip School Day frenzy, one person started a petition to support the students. Not many signatures were collected – about 300 pieces;
  • in some states, the holiday is encouraged – teachers are asked not to plan lessons with exams and test papers;
  • in Poland, high school students celebrate a similar date on the day of astronomical spring;
  • many children come to school, but try to roam the corridors longer and not go into the classroom.

How to celebrate

What to do today? Don’t go to class! Warn someone so you don’t get in trouble. Take up your favorite hobby, spend time relaxed. Take a break from classes, stock up on strength for the school week.

When is National Skip School Day celebrated in 2022?

National Skip School Day is observed on December 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 2 2022
Saturday December 2 2023
Monday December 2 2024
Tuesday December 2 2025
Wednesday December 2 2026