National Singles Day - September 22
Sun, Sep 22, 2024

National Singles Day

National Singles Day is celebrated on September 22, and opinions about this holiday vary. Some believe that love often arrives when least expected, while others find comfort in being single and are not bothered by it. Regardless, the holiday encourages singles to give love another chance and not to shut themselves off from new opportunities.


According to statistics released by the US Census Bureau, the number of singles in America is increasing each year. This trend is good news for those looking to start a family, as finding a life partner becomes easier. There are several days dedicated to singles on the calendar, such as Single Awareness Day on February 15. Similar holidays exist in China on November 11 and in the UK on March 11. In the US, National Singles Day emphasizes that a single person can be successful and happy.

Interesting Facts

  • The holiday encourages people to view bachelorhood positively rather than as a negative status.
  • In some US states, you can file a lawsuit against someone who has stolen a spouse, known as alienation of affection.
  • Statistics show that if one partner smokes, the probability of divorce is 75%.
  • In America, a divorce is recorded every minute.

How to Take Part

Embrace your status as a single person. Clear out reminders of past relationships, such as contact information, photos, videos, and gifts. Focus on self-improvement by joining a gym, attending social events, meeting new people, and dedicating more time to yourself. In the US, you can even marry yourself as a gesture of self-love and commitment.

When is National Singles Day in 2024?

National Singles Day is observed on September 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday September 22 2024
Monday September 22 2025
Tuesday September 22 2026
Wednesday September 22 2027
Friday September 22 2028
Saturday September 22 2029

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