National Science Day - February 28
Wed, Feb 28, 2024

National Science Day

National Science Day is an annual Indian holiday commemorating the achievements of physicist C.W. Ramana. It is celebrated on February 28. He made India famous with his new discovery concerning the effect of light on objects on the earth’s surface, which results in our eye distinguishing colors.


The establishment of National Science Day reflects the gratitude of all Indians to the great scientist, their countryman, who became world-famous for his discovery. The full name of the scholar is Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. From childhood he was a very bright boy, ahead of his peers in development. At the age of 16, he had already earned a bachelor’s degree. He has always loved physics, but he chose to major in accounting. He gave it up in 1917 when he was asked to teach physics at Calcutta College.

A couple of years later, Ranam visited European countries. He was very attracted to the icebergs and the color of the water in the Mediterranean Sea. He did not believe that the color of the water was due to light passing through the atmosphere scattering and creating different colors as a result. Numerous experiments resulted in the answer: chunks of ice refracted light, causing the human eye to see a different color of water.

Rahnam presented his stunning results to the world scientific community in 1928. He was soon awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery. He made the learned society of India famous.

Interesting facts

  • There is a lot of interesting research regarding color. One of them says that white cars are less likely to be involved in an accident. That’s what the statistics say.
  • All the colors of objects in our lives are a play on our brains and it is impossible to say objectively that a banana is yellow. After all, only the human eye perceives it that way.
  • The human eye is capable of recognizing about 10 million. colors and shades.

How to celebrate

On National Science Day, learn more interesting information about Raman and his research. Conduct physical experiments concerning color. You can easily find them on the Internet.

Spread the word on social media. Congratulate the users from India on this day, because it is thanks to a scientist from their country that such a discovery is possible.

When is National Science Day celebrated in 2024?

National Science Day is observed on February 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday February 28 2024
Friday February 28 2025
Saturday February 28 2026
Sunday February 28 2027