National Raspberry Cake Day - July 31
Mon, Jul 31, 2023

National Raspberry Cake Day

National Raspberry Cake Day is celebrated on July 31st. It is filled with the aroma of fresh pastry and the taste of fresh raspberries. This dessert is amazing and completely different from other pastries. Join the multi-million army of fans and enjoy its impeccable taste.

The History

Raspberries are a fairly common berry, present on the shelves of all grocery stores in the summer. Moreover, modern technologies have made it possible to grow it all year round, so you can bake a cake not only on July 31, but on any other day. Raspberries were already eaten in the Paleolithic period, and the cultivation of bushes began in the 4th century BC. It was used fresh and added to teas and medicinal decoctions. It is believed raspberries spread in Europe thanks to the Romans.

In Medieval Europe, raspberries were also used as a pigment for manuscripts and paintings, but they were expensive and only the rich could afford them. By the 17th century, bushes appeared in all gardens in Britain and then spread throughout Europe. The cultivated version of the raspberry appeared in America around the 19th century, by which time it was grown in almost all states.

Interesting Facts

  • There is a legend that the fox’s coat turned red because it ate a lot of raspberries.
  • According to another legend, the first raspberries were white, and turned red when the nymph Ida, picking berries for a baby, pricked her finger. The berries turned red with her blood.
  • Raspberries are one of the most colorful – they come in white, yellow, red, purple, and black.
  • Raspberries are crossed with other berries, most often blackberries.

How to take part

Prepare a raspberry cake according to your personal recipe and add your favorite ingredients to it. Berries go well with chocolate, cottage cheese, and lemon. Treat your whole family and all your friends to dessert, or you can also organize a raspberry party. And you can also make original dishes from raspberries; for example, salmon in raspberry glaze. Many farms hold National Raspberry Cake Day events, so visit them with the whole family.

When is National Raspberry Cake Day celebrated in 2023?

National Raspberry Cake Day is observed on July 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday July 31 2023
Wednesday July 31 2024
Thursday July 31 2025
Friday July 31 2026