National Raspberry Bombe Day - August 11
Fri, Aug 11, 2023

National Raspberry Bombe Day

National Raspberry Bombe Day is one of the tastiest holidays of the summer! Who does not love a sweet and juicy berry? Especially prepared in the best folk traditions. The classic dessert contains raspberries, sugar, cream, sherbet, nuts, candied fruits, and rum. After making it, it is frozen. This dessert will attract the attention of guests and will become a key element of the meal!

The History

It is not known for certain by who and when founded this holiday.

It is believed this dessert came from the French: chefs experimented with frozen liquids of all kinds, and subsequently discovered the delicacy familiar to us. The first bomb recipe included biscuits and ice cream.

Chef Auguste Escoffier improved on the original; he came up with layering, where the custard layer creates a firmer and crispier structure.

Subsequently, the dish gained extraordinary depth and was served with pleasure at any event!

Fun facts

  • Why is the dessert called a bomb? It is simple: it freezes into a sphere that resembles a cannonball, hence the name;
  • Sometimes the bomb is decorated with rose petals to emphasize its elegance;
  • This dessert first appeared in 1882;
  • National Raspberry Bombe Day is celebrated in the middle of the raspberry harvest (berries are harvested from June to October).

How to take part

It does not take much to celebrate National Day: the main thing is to find the right bomb recipe and freeze it in time. People invite each other over and treat each other with a delicious dessert. Some make their own adjustments and surprise loved ones with unusual combinations; experiments are always welcome!

When is National Raspberry Bombe Day celebrated in 2023?

National Raspberry Bombe Day is observed on August 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday August 11 2023
Sunday August 11 2024
Monday August 11 2025
Tuesday August 11 2026