National Poke Day - September 28
Thu, Sep 28, 2023

National Poke Day

National Poke Day is dedicated to everyone who wants a little taste of Hawaii. We are talking about a wonderful Hawaiian dish called poke, which consists of freshly caught, raw fish, sea salt, various nuts, and various algae. Culinary experts call the treat an analogue of sushi and this is a favorite snack on the islands.


The dish has become part of Hawaiian culture. Previously, they used only aku fish and octopus, but today they add salmon and shellfish. The dish is gradually spreading around the world. For example, in Japan and Korea it is eaten with eggs, soy sauce, and onion. Today, ‘hello’ from Hawaii is eaten with pleasure in many cities with a population of over a million – New York, Johannesburg, and London.

Interesting Facts

  • A Hawaiian restaurant located in New York prepares up to 600 servings per day.
  • The popularity of the treat also contributed to an increase in the popularity of Hawaiian cuisine in general – in just a few years, the number of restaurants with exotic cuisine has increased by 2,5 times.
  • Fortunately, today, in order to try a real exotic dish, you do not need to fly to the island. Migrants from Hawaii work as chefs in many restaurants.

How to take part

Come up with your own poke recipe. The ingredients can be completely different – avocado, mushrooms, pineapple, vegetables, herbs, and sauces. If you don’t want to spend time at the stove, go to the nearest Hawaiian restaurant. Organize a Hawaiian-style party and treat everyone to a wonderful dish. Share your culinary achievements or how the party went on social media.

When is National Poke Day in 2023?

National Poke Day is observed on September 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 28 2023
Saturday September 28 2024
Sunday September 28 2025
Monday September 28 2026