National Poet’s Day - August 21
Sun, Aug 21, 2022

National Poet’s Day

Are you surprised that August 21st is National Poet’s Day? In the 21st century, we actively communicate in social networks and read a lot of books. But most of them are written in prose. And we begin to forget that for the expression of feelings there is a wonderful invention of mankind – poetry. In ancient times, with the help of poetry, people told about great historical events, confessed their love, laughed at their enemies,


It has not been established who came up with the idea of ​​celebrating National Poet’s Day on August 21st. It is not even known whether this idea belonged to the poets or their admirers. But the more poetic holidays, the better!

Interesting facts

National Poet’s Day is not the only poetry celebration in the world. Since 1994, the 1st (sometimes 2nd) Thursday of October has been celebrated in Great Britain and Ireland as National Poetry Day. It was founded on the initiative of the famous publisher William Sighart.

In 1996, the Academy of Poets of the United States established a long-term poetry festival in the format of National Month, which takes place in April. Since 1998, Canada has established the same month.

In 1999, according to the decision of UNESCO, poetry had a World Day – March 21. Since 2000 National Poetry Month has also been held in the UK. But it’s October. The idea belonged to poet-bard Jim McCool.

How to celebrate

There are many ways to celebrate National Poet’s Day:

  1. If you write poetry, you can compose a poem and publish it in a local publication or just on your social networks.
  2. If you don’t write, you can try! Read about versification and compose your first piece. Writing in rhyme is optional! Japanese haiku and tanka do without it. The great Emily Dickinson often forgot about rhyme and meter. You can compose poetry with the whole family, together with the children – it’s fun! You can create works on a specific topic that everyone likes.
  3. Poetry lovers can arrange a poetry party with the reading of their favorite poems.
  4. Share information about the holiday in your social networks, tell a biography or Interesting facts from the life of your favorite poet, share his poems.
  5. Discover a new contemporary poet.

When is National Poet’s Day celebrated in 2022?

National Poet’s Day is observed on August 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday August 21 2022
Monday August 21 2023
Wednesday August 21 2024
Thursday August 21 2025
Friday August 21 2026