National Plan for Vacation Day - January 31
Wed, Jan 31, 2024

National Plan for Vacation Day

The National Plan for Vacation Day falls on the last day of January. This is a great reason to go on a trip, abandoning the boring routine and the order of the boring gray city. Holidays exist to spend them with friends or family, to acquire new warm memories and, of course, to take memorable pictures.


Initially, the word “vacation”, which was familiar to everyone, translated into Russian means vacation or vacation, had a different meaning. D. Chaucer, the author of The Canterbury Tales, who lived in the 14 century, tried to convey a similar meaning. Up until the 19 century, the Americans and the British used the word to refer to a forced departure. Vacation at that time was a privilege that not everyone was honored with.

A few decades later, vacations gained wide coverage, but traveling the world was considered unthinkable and stupid. A young preacher from Boston decided to change his beliefs. In the late 1860s, he set out on a journey and compiled his own travel guide. By example, William proved that exploring wild places can be an exciting activity. Gradually, people began to create new ideas that led to the emergence of the modern tourism business.

The need for the holiday has grown. This was especially acute in the United States of America. According to the survey results, it became clear that almost every second person is a workaholic who works even on weekends. Lack of rest had a terrible effect on overall performance, quality of work and health.

Interesting facts

  1. Many couples who have been married for a long time note that a joint vacation can make you forget about everyday problems for a while. It helps to return the former spark to the relationship and re-ignite the flame of love.
  2. Based on the studies conducted, scientists concluded that rest has a positive effect on health and performance.
  3. Travel companies do not miss the opportunity to get as many customers as possible. Every year they prepare new projects as the holiday approaches.

How to celebrate

  1. Some people prefer to plan their vacation by the hour, while others like impulsive decisions. Spend this weekend in a way to remember it forever.
  2. Spontaneous trips in most cases bring a lot of joy. You can gather all your friends, make them a grand surprise and spend time away from the bustling city.

When is National Plan for Vacation Day celebrated in 2024?

National Plan for Vacation Day is observed on January 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 31 2024
Friday January 31 2025
Saturday January 31 2026
Sunday January 31 2027