National Pepper Pot Day - December 29
Fri, Dec 29, 2023

National Pepper Pot Day

National Pepper Pot Day is a celebration of bright flavors! It is dedicated to the thick soup that appeared in America during the Revolutionary War, especially popular in the Southern parts of the USA. Have you tried it yet?


The winter of 1777 was cold and the Continental Army was in Pennsylvania. Frosts and lack of food caused the death of dozens of soldiers, as it was unprofitable for local farmers to sell the remaining stocks to the Americans, as they had new bank notes. Food was provided to the British, who paid in silver dollars.

The field cook saw this deplorable situation and turned to his imagination. He collected beef offal, leftover meat, peppercorns, some spices and boiled them all in a large cauldron. The result was a spicy and savory soup, which later received the nickname – “The soup that won the war”.

Another version of the origin of the dish is that it was invented in the Caribbean and brought to America by slaves. Many researchers do not consider this story to be true, as the islands hardly use offal in food. Nevertheless, the National Day will definitely brighten up this shortcoming!

Interesting facts

Amazing Soup Moments:

  • It became a real symbol of Philadelphia immediately after its inception.
  • Now it can only be found in establishments that honour traditional dishes.
  • Travellers visiting the region at the height of the soup’s popularity noted that it was similar to scrapple.
  • In the early 20th century, a canned version of the soup appeared. Each can sold for 12 cents.

How to take part

You know what to do on National Pepper Pot Day! If you have never tried the dish, find a place where it is prepared, take your friends with you and go on a gastronomic journey. Look at the recipes and create your own version, treat your loved ones and ask them to rate the taste on a ten-point scale.

When is National Pepper Pot Day celebrated in 2023?

National Pepper Pot Day is observed on December 29 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 29 2023
Sunday December 29 2024
Monday December 29 2025
Tuesday December 29 2026

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