National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - December 7
Thu, Dec 7, 2023

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance is celebrated annually on December 7th in the United States of America. The date commemorates the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the US Navy base in Hawaii, which was a pivotal event in World War II.


On that fateful day of December 7th, a beautiful Sunday morning in the Hawaiian Islands, the U.S. military was unexpectedly and devastatingly attacked by Japan. In spite of reports that the U.S. Special Services had broken the Japanese ciphers before the attack, they failed to anticipate an attack on Hawaii. In the two-hour period of the attack, Japan dropped bombs and torpedoes on the fleet, leaving 2,500 American soldiers dead, and 30 aircraft and 64 people destroyed. The following day, President Roosevelt asked congress for a declaration of war, calling it β€œthe date which will live in infamy.”

Interesting facts

  • Japan planned the attack for Sunday, assuming U.S. soldiers would be more relaxed on their day off.
  • The Japanese fleet covered 3,500 miles undetected.
  • The attack lasted approximately two hours.
  • The United States officially entered World War II the next day.

How to take part

On National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance, learn more about the historical facts of the battle by watching documentaries or preserved interviews of the participants. Share the holiday with those around you and honor the memories of all those who were attacked without warning. Find out about events in your city and take part in them.

When is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day celebrated in 2023?

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is observed on December 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday December 7 2023
Saturday December 7 2024
Sunday December 7 2025
Monday December 7 2026

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