National Pawpaw Day - September
Thu, Sep 15, 2022

National Pawpaw Day

National Pawpaw Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to papaya. It is celebrated every third Thursday in September. In 2022 falls on September 15th. This sweet fruit is very popular with people due to its creamy texture and is very popular in the United States.


The history of National Pawpaw Day is buried in centuries. It is known that this fruit was highly valued by the natives of America. The Indians used it in their diet, consumed it fresh and dried. Papaya has a pronounced aroma, unusual creamy texture and a very sweet taste, which can be found in notes of other tropical fruits (mango, for example).

The penetration of this fruit into Europe is associated with the period of the Great geographical discoveries. During the 1540 expedition led by Hernando de Soto, the Spaniards tasted papaya. Everyone was amazed by its sweetness and taste. Fresh fruits and seeds from them began to be sent to Europe to try to grow this tree on their own. It is believed that papaya was George Washington’s favorite dessert.

Papaya is most popular in the southern regions of the United States, where this fruit grows naturally. You can buy it in local markets, you can hardly find fruit in large stores – it deteriorates very quickly.

Interesting facts

  • The baked fruit acquires the characteristic aroma of breadcrumbs.
  • Each fruit contains several hundred seeds.
  • Only ripe papaya can be eaten – the juice of unripe fruits is poisonous.

How to celebrate

Take a trip with friends or family to Ohio, where the festival takes place on September 15th. There you can taste original papaya dishes, learn more about this fruit and visit its natural habitats.

Try fresh papaya or cook interesting dishes based on it yourself. Share information about this holiday on social networks, tell some Interesting facts and express your own opinion about the tropical fruit.

When is National Pawpaw Day celebrated in 2022?

National Pawpaw Day is observed on the third Thursday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 15 2022
Thursday September 21 2023
Thursday September 19 2024
Thursday September 18 2025
Thursday September 17 2026