National Paste Up Day - May 7
Tue, May 7, 2024

National Paste Up Day

National Paste Up Day is an American holiday created as a tribute to the art of pasting images in newspapers and magazines. Before the creation of printing, it was possible to insert the desired image in the printed publication only by pasting. It is celebrated annually on May 7.


The history of National Paste Up Day is not known. There used to be a specialist, a paste-up artist. He cut out images in the right form and correctly placed them on the pages of the printed edition. Such a profession was in demand until the end of the 20th century. Then printers became widespread and the printing industry began to develop at an active pace. Now manual labor in the creation of printed publications was no longer needed. Automated devices could apply images with ink directly to pages, relieving employees from monotonous work that required accuracy and attention.

In fact, pasting images in newspapers and magazines was a kind of analogue of the art of collage that still exists today. So as we celebrate National Paste Up Day, it’s a good idea to create your own collage!

Interesting facts

  • The first printing press was invented in the 15th century by J. Gutenberg.
  • Commercial advertisements in newspapers and magazines began to appear only in the early 19th century.
  • Collage is not only an interesting form of applied art, but also an excellent method of developing fine motor skills and attention.

How to celebrate

Create a collage that day or take a newspaper and try to supplement it with sticker images. Experience the work of a flier artist for yourself!

Spread the word on social media. Let more people know about it!

When is National Paste Up Day celebrated in 2024?

National Paste Up Day is observed on May 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday May 7 2024
Wednesday May 7 2025

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