National Opposite Day - January 25
Thu, Jan 25, 2024

National Opposite Day

National Opposite Day is adored by all the children of the country, because only today they are allowed to do whatever they want. The main goal of the holiday is to change all the facts to the opposite, and the rest can only guess where the truth lies. Crazy celebration brings only joy and fun. It allows you to plunge into childhood and try to fool everyone around.


The holiday is traditionally celebrated on January 25th. Psychologists note its importance, especially for young children. They begin to explore the world and one day realize that all the rules are easily destroyed. You can change known facts to the opposite, be a little bold and unusual. In the morning, the day starts in reverse. Change your usual routine, swap breakfast and dinner, walk the cat instead of the dog, and come up with a hundred more incredible ideas on how to diversify boring everyday life.

Fans of April Fools’ Day, which falls on April 1, will enjoy the holiday. Only it is used specifically for pranks, and in the case of National Opposite Day, the whole day is the opposite. The behavior of others today should not raise questions. They may even start speaking in an incomprehensible language by swapping letters in words, or look ridiculous by wearing a shirt back to front.

Interesting facts

  1. Many films have been made on this topic. One of the most famous is Freaky Friday. It premiered in 2018. The story revolves around a mother and daughter who realize one morning that they have switched bodies. Both have to try to learn how to survive in someone else’s guise.
  2. The Day of Opposites is celebrated in an episode of the famous animated series SpongeBob and SquarePants. Only in the series Squidward deliberately deceives a friend.
  3. The very first mention of the holiday dates back to the 1920s.

How to celebrate

The main task for today is to confuse others and make them doubt that all events are really happening. For insults, you can start using affectionate words, and make compliments in a not entirely correct way, relying on obscene language. People may rebel, but then it is worth explaining to them what the matter is. Some will turn it into a funny joke and want to join in the celebration, while others will hold a grudge.

When is National Opposite Day celebrated in 2024?

National Opposite Day is observed on January 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday January 25 2024
Saturday January 25 2025
Sunday January 25 2026
Monday January 25 2027

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