National Moldy Cheese Day - October 9
Mon, Oct 9, 2023

National Moldy Cheese Day

Only true connoisseurs celebrate National Moldy Cheese Day, because not everyone will understand the amazing aroma and sharp taste of the product. We know for sure that you are among the lovers, so we invite you to join us on October 9th – the day dedicated to this gastronomic delight!


National Moldy Cheese Day is fun and delicious! However, its founder is yet to be discovered, so let’s take some time to find the perfect blue cheese!

Contrary to many ridiculous myths, cheese is made in elaborate ways and requires much work for a single kilogram. People often tell hobbyists to be wary of consuming moldy cheese as it is contagious; however, there has never been a case in science of anyone dying from eating such cheese, but cured – yes! For example, a famous French doctor treated his patients with cheeses with white mold.

There are many types of moldy cheese, such as Camembert, Roquefort, Dorblu, Parsifal, Bavarian blue cheese, and more. Every connoisseur’s dream is to try every type of cheese produced around the world! With so many different types, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, so celebrate the holiday together!

Interesting facts

Surprisingly, cheeses:

  • contain the most useful probiotics – bacteria that have a positive effect on the digestive tract;
  • contain 25% easily digestible protein;
  • strengthen immunity in general;
  • prevent the risk of heart disease;
  • destroy cellulite;
  • strengthen memory;
  • relieve stress.

How to take part

It’s time to organize a party and invite all your friends! Buy different types of cheese, cut them in a beautiful way, and don’t forget to get the right drinks. Taste the cheeses together and have fun!

When is National Moldy Cheese Day celebrated in 2023?

National Moldy Cheese Day is observed on October 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 9 2023
Wednesday October 9 2024
Thursday October 9 2025
Friday October 9 2026

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