National Make Lunch Count Day - April 13
Sat, Apr 13, 2024

National Make Lunch Count Day

National Make Lunch Count Day is an annual American holiday devoted to lunches. It is the main meal between breakfast and dinner that determines how well you eat. We consume the most calories at lunch and need to make sure that the food we eat provides all of our nutrient and vitamin needs. The holiday is celebrated on April 13.


National Make Lunch Count Day is a recent tradition. The holiday originated in 2016, when it was established by catering chain TGI Fridays. The purpose of the day is to raise public awareness about the importance of eating lunch.

In today’s world, people often forgo a full meal in favor of quick snacks and fast food. A busy work schedule demands this, and many people simply do not want to spend the extra minutes to eat a full meal. Experts in the field of dietetics strongly protest against this approach. A person needs to properly distribute the food he or she eats throughout the day, so lunch is a must. In addition, lunchtime is a great opportunity to take a short break, recover and work more efficiently for the rest of the day.

Interesting facts

  • Lunch should be the same in calories as breakfast and dinner combined – about 1,550 kcal. Total daily caloric intake: 3100 kcal for men and 2800 kcal for women.
  • To improve your diet, it is advisable to eliminate sweets, fast foods, and alcohol (or minimize their consumption). Focus on proteins, saturated fats, amino acids, and complex carbohydrates.

How to celebrate

If you skip regular meals, you can turn into an angry, nervous, and irritable person colleagues will avoid. It is harmful to your health, especially your digestive system.

  • Gather a large group of friends, go to lunch.
  • Plan lunch in advance. Determine the location and time; make sure urgent matters are done, allowing you to enjoy the meal.
  • Treat someone to lunch who cannot afford it. This effortless gesture brings gratitude and appreciation from a stranger in difficult circumstances.

Lunch is a chance to replenish your strength during the working day. You start performing tasks with renewed enthusiasm and inspiration.

When is National Make Lunch Count Day celebrated in 2024?

National Make Lunch Count Day is observed on April 13 each year.


Saturday April 13 2024
Sunday April 13 2025
Weekday Month Day Year

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