National Look at the Bright Side Day - December 21
Thu, Dec 21, 2023

National Look at the Bright Side Day

National Look At The Bright Side Day is an optimistic holiday that celebrates the power of looking at the positives of life, even in times of failure. On December 21, we come together to recognize the importance of staying positive.


The origin of this holiday is unknown, but it is believed to have been created by someone with an optimistic outlook. The term “optimism” emerged in the 18th century, which reflected the views of philosophers of that time. German thinker Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz proposed that all events in the world ultimately lead to something good. This idea was met with some skepticism, and so the word “optimism” was born to describe seemingly strange ideas.

Psychologically, being an optimist is beneficial. It means that a person is willing to accept all hardships and fight them rather than helplessly mourn the situation.

Interesting facts

Optimists tend to have several advantages:

  • Optomists are more attractive in appearance;
  • They are happier in relationships;
  • Often, they have strategies on how to act in stressful situations;
  • They find jobs faster and get desired positions;
  • They have positive thinking, which positively affects the body. Studies have shown that optimists have lower blood sugar levels and stronger immunity;
  • They can literally save others, providing them with energy.

How to take part

On National Look At The Bright Side Day, smile even on a gloomy day and keep the darkness away from your world. Help others to regain a positive attitude, regardless of what is happening in their lives. Connect with people who need help and support on social media. Spend the day without stress and remember that everything will be alright!

When is National Look at the Bright Side Day celebrated in 2023?

National Look at the Bright Side Day is observed on December 21 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday December 21 2023
Saturday December 21 2024
Sunday December 21 2025
Monday December 21 2026