National Irish Coffee Day - January 25
Thu, Jan 25, 2024

National Irish Coffee Day

Coffee is the second most popular hot drink after tea. People love it for its pleasant taste, light aroma and invigorating notes. National Irish Coffee Day is dedicated to one of the varieties of coffee. Just one ingredient can turn it into a real work of culinary art and make you forget about other cooking recipes.


According to official historical data, the date of creation of Irish coffee is considered to be 1943. The winter turned out to be surprisingly cold, and chef D. Sheridan loved experiments. He invented a new recipe, but it has not yet been possible to present it to the public. In the village of Foynes, planes of political, public figures and celebrities often landed. Often passengers had to spend the night here, so hotels, bars and restaurants were built nearby.

One of the flights was canceled and people were extremely disappointed. Almost all of them ended up in Joe’s bar. He offered them Irish coffee, and everyone was able to appreciate it. The recipe quickly spread around the world. The drink was served at all airports in Ireland. He came to the United States of America thanks to the writer S. Delaiplein, who managed to find out the secrets of cooking.

Interesting facts

  1. The original recipe did not whip the cream. This addition appeared several decades later.
  2. The village of Foynes is considered the birthplace of Irish coffee. That is why a festival dedicated to this drink is held here every year.
  3. The Spaniards came up with their own way of cooking. Whiskey and coffee are not mixed in it, alcohol is first poured in, then an invigorating drink is added and decorated with whipped cream.

How to celebrate

The best way to celebrate this day is to try Irish coffee. Now it is prepared in almost all restaurants and bars, but it will be much more interesting to try to cook it yourself. In fact, there is nothing complicated in the recipe, it is important to observe proportions and consistency. Don’t forget to share this evening with your friends to make it even more intense.

When is National Irish Coffee Day celebrated in 2024?

National Irish Coffee Day is observed on January 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday January 25 2024
Saturday January 25 2025
Sunday January 25 2026
Monday January 25 2027