National Intern Day - July
Thu, Jul 25, 2024

National Intern Day

National Intern Day is celebrated on the last Thursday in July. Interns – employees who are just starting their career – make calls, submit documents, and help more experienced employees. College students or recent graduates usually become interns. For many beginners, an internship is a source of income, as well as a great opportunity to get to know a company or organization from the inside.

The History

National Intern Day was established by WayUp. The mission of the holiday is to recognize interns, their contribution to the work process, and encourage ambitions and aspirations to succeed. World leaders grow from interns. The holiday was first celebrated in 2017 to point out the discrimination and inequality of rights between long-term employees and newcomers. Another purpose of the holiday is to emphasize the importance of internship for a future career and gaining professional experience. Unfortunately, many refuse it or do not how it in their resume, but this is a real opportunity to point out their advantages over other candidates.

The holiday is also important for employers – they should be more attentive to interns, and not put pressure on them. The best thing an employer can give to an intern is remuneration, and long-term employees provide invaluable experience. Financial rewards motivate newcomers to work more responsibly, and people who are between jobs to look for new opportunities. WayUp helps employers and interns find each other with a list of the top 100 programs for newbies. How the employer treats the intern determines their future career and success.

Useful information about colleges

  • College education is expensive – Americans pay between 30 to 60 thousand dollars annually.
  • According to statistics, there are more girls studying – about 1.5 million, than boys (775 thousand).
  • Many students graduate with debt, the average being $37,000.
  • The most prestigious educational institutions are Ivy League institutions. Only 0.4% of all students can afford to study here.
  • Just think, at the beginning of the 19th century, studying at Brown University would have cost $5.

How to take part

Encourage your company’s management to hire interns and help them adapt. Write a post about National Intern Day on social media and encourage everyone to work with interns and treat them with respect. If there are interns in your environment, thank them for a job well done. Help people find jobs whenever possible.

When is National Intern Day celebrated in 2024?

National Intern Day is observed on the last Thursday in July each year.


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