National Ice Cream Sandwich Day - August 2
Wed, Aug 2, 2023

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

At the center of the National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is a popular summer treat. Everyone loves holidays dedicated to delicious food, because this is a great excuse to make it. And it is especially nice when this food is easy to prepare.


A favorite American dessert, it consists of two cookies or waffles with an ice cream filling. The cookie sandwich is believed to have originated in early 20th century New York City and was the invention of a street vendor. It quickly became hugely popular for the same reason it happened to the regular sandwich—the format is practical and keeps your hands clean.

Ice cream sandwiches have made their way into restaurants and cookbooks, with many variations of the treat, including waffles. This variety also quickly took root. The dessert became so beloved that a special holiday was even dedicated to it.

Interesting facts

  • Similar desserts exist in some other countries, such as Iran and Vietnam.
  • Hot chocolate or caramel sauce is added to the winter variety of these treats.
  • For a sandwich, you can use any kind of ice cream, even sorbet.

How to take part

Make ice cream sandwiches for yourself, your friends, and loved ones. Arrange a sweet table with different types of sandwiches. This way, you can make many different desserts without much effort. You can limit yourself to a few sandwiches: give one to your loved ones and loved ones, they will definitely be delighted with such a present.

If you don’t feel like cooking, order home delivery, buy it in a store, or go to a cafe. Some cafes have an interesting atmosphere you will remember for a long time.

When is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day celebrated in 2023?

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is observed on August 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 2 2023
Friday August 2 2024
Saturday August 2 2025
Sunday August 2 2026

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