National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day - January 14
Sun, Jan 14, 2024

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day is an American pastrami sandwich celebration. It is celebrated annually on January 14th. This is a tasty and satisfying dish that allows you to quickly satisfy your hunger and energize.


It is not known why Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day is celebrated on January 14th. However, this does not matter at all, because on this day you can fully enjoy delicious hot pastrami sandwiches. Additional ingredients may include Swiss cheese (which melts from the heat of the sandwich), Russian dressing, and pickles as a side dish.

Pastrami is made from meat. Usually beef is used, but lamb or turkey options exist. Slices of raw meat are dipped into a salty brine, where they are kept for a certain period of time. After that, they are taken out and dried. Various spices and spices (to taste) can be added to give the meat a brighter taste. Then it is smoked and dried. The meat is very tasty and, at the same time, can be stored for a long time. This is a great option for long trips where you need to take food with you.

It is believed that the pastrami sandwich was made by Sussman Volk in 1888. He worked in a cafe in New York, where he surprised visitors with his new dish. A friend from Romania told him the recipe for pastrami, and the chef decided to make a sandwich with this ingredient. Since then, the rise in popularity of the hot sandwich has been unstoppable.

Interesting facts

  • Pastrami is a Jewish cuisine dish in Moldova and Romania.
  • For cooking, rye bread is most often used.
  • You can try a pastrami sandwich in a classic version at Carnegie’s deli in New York.

How to celebrate

Gather with family or friends and enjoy a hot pastrami sandwich from professional chefs. If you have sufficient culinary skills and a desire to try something new, try to cook this dish yourself.

Share Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day on social media. Share information about where and when you first tried this dish. What you liked or didn’t like. Discover your cooking secrets if you cooked it yourself.

When is National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day celebrated in 2024?

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day is observed on January 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday January 14 2024
Tuesday January 14 2025
Wednesday January 14 2026
Thursday January 14 2027

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