National Hat Day - January 15
Mon, Jan 15, 2024

National Hat Day

National Hat Day is an American annual holiday dedicated to hats. Celebrated January 15th. This ancient headdress still does not lose its relevance and allows you to create a truly original and unique image.


The first historical information about hats dates back to 3 BC, but there is an opinion that they were much earlier. Archaeologists in the Alps found the frozen body of a man. Scientists have determined that the find dates back to about 000 BC. On the head of the man was a kind of hat, which is woven from pieces of the skin of a bear. Other finds and historical sources indicate that in ancient times hats were often woven. They were worn both for beauty and for the practical purpose of protecting themselves from the scorching sun.

In the Middle Ages, hats acted as an indicator of the status and belonging of the owner to a certain social group. In the 19th century, hats became a favorite item in women’s wardrobes. They were often decorated with feathers and various fabric inserts. Men preferred top hats.

Such an element of the wardrobe as a hat has passed the test of time. Therefore, we can still enjoy cool looks with a hat today.

Interesting facts

  • In the Middle Ages, bankrupts were required to wear yellow and green hats to let everyone know their status.
  • During the Second World War, there was a serious shortage of hats in England. They were allowed to be sold only to people without hair or with severe bald patches.
  • Sherlock Holmes wore a type of hat commonly referred to as the Deerstalker hat.

How to celebrate

Be sure to complete your wardrobe with a beautiful hat on this day. If you still don’t have a hat, then National Hat Day is a great excuse to get one. Find out more historical information about hats, share new information with friends and family.

Create a social media post about the holiday. Discuss with other users your favorite types of hats, tell us what they are best combined with and more.

When is National Hat Day celebrated in 2024?

National Hat Day is observed on January 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 15 2024
Wednesday January 15 2025
Thursday January 15 2026
Friday January 15 2027

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