National Hair Day - October 1
Sat, Oct 1, 2022

National Hair Day

Hair is the real wealth of every person, they directly affect the condition. National Hair Day was created so that people learn how to properly care for them, try new cosmetic products, and learn modern methods of dealing with problems. October 1st is a day of awareness for those who want to have a chic hairstyle.


Founded Holiday NuMe, a hair products company. This was picked up by the fair sex, marking the date every year. The main thing is to take care not only during the official period, because curls require close attention every day.

Even in ancient times, girls came up with various methods to strengthen their hair. For example, the famous Cleopatra washed them with donkey milk. Clay was also widely used, it was diluted in warm water and applied along the entire length. In India, coconut milk and sage decoctions were preferred for these purposes.

Interesting facts

The most curious facts about hair:

  • a person loses 100 hairs a day, and this is the minimum;
  • women’s hair is thinner than men’s, but they are planted much deeper. Therefore, the problem of baldness is more common in the stronger sex;
  • there are 2-4% naturally red people on the planet;
  • the first hairs in the form of a fluff appear in a baby in the womb;
  • hair growth does not occur at night;
  • if a man had not shaved all his life, he would have grown a beard 1 km long;
  • In the warm season, hair grows much faster than in the cold.

How to celebrate

Any changes are good at National Hair Day! Dreamed of changing your image? Make an appointment with a good specialist, color your curls or give them a structural shape. Look at the beauty blogs of famous hair care artists and follow their recommendations. Go to a trichologist and evaluate the condition of your hair.

Use professional advice, and then your hair will become your pride! Or maybe you yourself know the secrets of care? Share it with like-minded people on social networks, arrange themed evenings, exchange experiences.

When is National Hair Day in 2022?

National Hair Day is observed on October 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 1 2022
Sunday October 1 2023
Tuesday October 1 2024
Wednesday October 1 2025
Thursday October 1 2026

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