National Gourmet Coffee Day - January 18
Thu, Jan 18, 2024

National Gourmet Coffee Day

National Gourmet Coffee Day is an annual American holiday that brings together all coffee gourmets. It is celebrated annually on January 18. Start your morning with a cup of aromatic coffee while enjoying the view of the rising sun!


The history of the discovery of coffee is full of rumors and legends, but it is known for certain that this product has been actively used for several centuries. Most researchers believe that the ancient inhabitants of the Jimma region (located in Ethiopia) became the discoverers of coffee. Ripe grains obtained from the tree, they roasted on fire and brewed a drink based on them.

The described theory also has many discrepancies, so the beginning of the 16th century is considered to be a more correct starting point. Then the coffee tree for making a drink began to be used in Yemeni monasteries. Then coffee spread throughout the Middle East, Asia and began to penetrate into other regions. People appreciated its ability to energize for several hours, as well as its bright aroma and rich taste.

Over time, they began to prepare various varieties of coffee and drinks based on it. Gourmet coffee was created, which was made exclusively from Arabica beans. They are grown only in the subtropics, at a sufficient height from sea level, where stable cool weather is maintained. This is the only way to make real coffee, striking in its flavor and aroma.

Interesting facts

  • To get a lethal dose of caffeine, you need to drink about 100 cups of this drink per day.
  • Latte is the most popular coffee drink.
  • Brazil is the largest coffee producing country.

How to celebrate

Enjoy a cup of Arabica coffee at National Gourmet Coffee Day. You can visit coffee shops in your city to taste the best coffee prepared by professional baristas. Find out more information on the Internet about coffee, its varieties, read interesting facts.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Discuss your favorite types of coffee and coffee-based drinks with other users.

When is National Gourmet Coffee Day celebrated in 2024?

National Gourmet Coffee Day is observed on January 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday January 18 2024
Saturday January 18 2025
Sunday January 18 2026
Monday January 18 2027

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