National Frozen Yogurt Day - February 6
Tue, Feb 6, 2024

National Frozen Yogurt Day

National Frozen Yogurt Day is an American holiday dedicated to a delicious dairy dessert. Celebrated annually on February 6th. Frozen yogurt is a great fermented milk alternative to classic ice cream. This is a healthier dessert with a wide palette of flavors.


It is known that the first prototypes of yogurt were made in ancient Babylon and India. Dessert is more than 4 thousand years old! Today, yogurt plays a big role for people supporting the idea of ​​a healthy diet. After all, this is a great alternative to all other desserts. The natural sweetness achieved through berry-fruit fillings and many useful properties make this fermented milk product unusually popular all over the world.

Yogurt has been gaining popularity in the USA since the beginning of the 20th century. In the 70s, ice cream was in great demand in the country. Some enterprising person decided to fix it and froze the yogurt. Such a simple solution gave a very tasty, and most importantly, healthy dessert, which today many people prefer to regular ice cream.

Interesting facts

  • Often, frozen yogurt can be found under the funny abbreviated name – Fro-Yo.
  • Approximately a cup of yogurt (about 180 g of pure product) contains about 210 kcal.
  • Frozen yogurt fully retains the beneficial properties of the regular version of the dish. This is a great product to get enough calcium, magnesium, vitamins C and D and more.

How to celebrate

On National Frozen Yogurt Day, take your friends or family to a cafe or restaurant to try this dessert. You can also cook it yourself. The recipe for any yogurt can be found on the Internet and all you have to do is just freeze it.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users what impression this dessert left on them?

When National Frozen Yogurt Day celebrated in 2024?

National Frozen Yogurt Day is observed on February 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday February 6 2024
Thursday February 6 2025
Friday February 6 2026
Saturday February 6 2027

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